STAUFF's range of hydraulic accumulators are designed to store energy, regulate the performance and enhance the operational efficiency of hydraulic systems. Available in a comprehensive range of sizes, materials, port configurations and pressure ratings, STAUFF accumulators are suitable for pressure storage, backup energy for emergency and safety functions, absorbing hydraulic shock, noise reduction, and dampening pump pulsations and fluctuations. STAUFF accumulators also provide excellent gas and fluid separation, ensuring dependable performance, maximum efficiency and an increased service life of machinery.

STAUFF Accumulator Advantages

Bladder Accumulators

Gas valves: Various gas valve designs to suit different applications and customer requirements
Dual design code approval: Australian (AS1210) and International (ASME)
Bleed valve: Fluid port with a STAUFF test coupling at the bleed valve > 4 litres
Flat face seal connection: Fluid port with a standard flat face seal

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STAUFF Test Coupling Gas Valve

Easy connection: STAUFF test coupling permits easy connection of other equipment without special manifolds; thus reducing the risk of potential leakage points.
Easy removal: Accessory equipment connected to the gas valve can be easily removed without draining the accumulator pre-charge
Checking pre-charge: Exclusive accumulator gas valve test coupling facilitates pre-charge checking without a charging kit, using a STAUFF safety pattern pressure gauge and direct gauge adaptor
Permanent gauge mounting: Gauge and gauge adaptor can be permanently attached to the accumulator gas valve for visual checking of the pre-charge pressure

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STAUFF PT-RF Wireless Pressure Tester

Test multiple accumulators: Each PT-RF sensor has a unique serial number, therefore numerous accumulators can be checked and logged using the one PT-RF reader
Data storage: The PT-RF Reader can store over 15,000 measurements, recording pressure and temperature data
No power required: The measurement recordings are delivered from the PT-RF transmitter in the accumulator to the PT-RF reader using RFID technology, therefore the pressure transmitter requires no internal or external power supply
Quick & easy to use: The PT-RF transmitter is activated by the press of a button and the measured value is determined within only 0.5 seconds. A maximum distance of only 1.5 cm is required from the antenna to the tip of the PT-RF transmitter for the reading’s duration
Checking pre-charge: The PT-RF transmitter can be used to check the pre-charge pressure. Connection is made easy by a STAUFF test adaptor directly connected to the test coupling gas valve

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▪ Providing safety and power
  in hydraulic systems

Accumulator Sizing Calculator

Accumulators and Accessories

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Bladder Accumulators

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Diaphragm Accumulators

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Pre-Charging and
Testing Equipment

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